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Rob Spencer MSc

Ecological services for private clients and consultancy support with a focus on protected species surveys

Rob Spencer

I am a former covert surveillance officer, Commando soldier and independent traveller. Whilst in Pakistan I learnt about the incredible science of ecology, and consequently, I have spent the last 18 years honing my skills and experience to become an efficient, conscientious  
and reliable field surveyor.

I am a military-trained photographer. All the nature photographs on this site are taken by me, reflecting my widespread interest in wildlife and my passion for capturing detailed imagery.


Bat Brown Long Eared.JPG

Camera Testing

Testing telescopic IR camera

Pictured above is Dr Sandie Sowler and myself testing a telescopic IR camera from Dart Systems.

I've used this unique camera on a number of PRA's and ECoW tasks, including motorway bridge inspections at night, pre-vegetation clearance for nesting birds, close-up imagery of tree features and whilst searching for water vole sign alongside fast-flowing rivers. 

With a time-date stamp, video (30fps), still image capture function, 4m retractable carbon-fibre pole, and the ability to automatically switch from visible light to IR, it is an impressive and versatile inspection camera.


It can even be used underwater, and has motion detection!

Course for Ecologists

WhatsApp Image 2024-06-02 at 13.51.40.jpeg

Proud to be working alongside specialist bat ecologist and trainer Richard Crompton on this unique camera course which focuses on infrared technology and thermal imagery.

With workshops and presentations from a number of industry-leading camera brands, including Canon, Wex Photo & Video, Thomas Jacks and Teledyne FLIR, this 2 day course will provide students with invaluable knowledge of the electro-optics and motion detection options available to ecological surveyors.

Contact me for more details and availability.

Green woodpecker
''I combine a passionate,  evidential approach to surveying with specialist skills I have learnt over 30 years conducting military and security operations''

― Rob Spencer MSc

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